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Our lawyers have carefully compiled resources to answer questions and issues that businesses are facing due to Covid 19.


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Find policy and declaration templates drafted by our lawyers which can help optimize your communication to internal and external audience.



Our lawyers have carefully compiled resources to answer questions and issues that businesses are facing due to Covid 19.

COVID-19 Economic Package – A guide to assist MSMEs to apply for a loan

The most awaited announcement made by the Government of India on May 13, 2020, regarding the economic package has benefited millions of Indian individuals and companies. One of the reliefs provided by the government through the announcement was towards boosting the MSMEs and providing them the facility to avail loans without collateral. A Guide for […]

COVID-19: Impacts and Possible Remedies for Government Contractors

What Can the Government Contractors Do Amidst COVID 19? A situation like today concerning the spread of the virus was seen only in cinemas and comics till now. But turning the horrifying fiction into reality on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) should be characterized as a “pandemic” […]

“COAL PAYS ONES’ BILLS, WELFARE DOESN’T” – The Importance Of The Coal Industry Amidst The Lockdown

THE 2020 COAL WAR The Importance of Coal Manufacturing in COVID-19 Lockdown The COVID 19 pandemic has not only forced India, but the whole world to come to a snowballing standstill. Huge disagreements and rapid chaos have been the result of the continuous lockdown which was imposed worldwide, and the same of which has been […]

New Horizons for the Life Insurance Industry after COVID-19

The spread of Covid-19 has affected all industries worldwide and the insurance industry is no exception. Long-standing industries with established practices are having to revisit age-old models of operation to meet growing uncertainties in this ‘New Normal’. Insurance companies particularly those dealing in life insurance and health insurance are bearing the brunt of these uncertain […]

A Tacit ‘ME TOO’ amidst COVID-19: Virtual Sexual Harassment

Are You Really Isolated? Virtual Sexual Harassment And COVID “Intentional cultivation of workplace culture matters, and none of us should let that fall away in the adjustment to a new norm”[1] Working from home, or telecommuting has become a compulsory (furloughed) norm in the wake of social isolation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone has entangled […]

Principle Of “No Work- No Wages” Not Applicable Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: Bombay High Court

The Aurangabad Bench of the Hon’ble High Court of Judicature at Bombay vide order dated 12th May 2020 in the case of Rashtriya Shramik Aghadi v. The State of Maharashtra and others[1] observed that the principle of “no work-no wages” cannot be made applicable in the present extraordinary situation of the Corona virus/COVID-19 pandemic. NO […]

India COVID-19 Employment Law Update – No More Compulsory Payment of Wages and Salaries

Payment of Wages and Salaries Amidst COVID 19 Not Mandatory The Government of India, through the National Disaster Management Authority (“NDMA”), has issued an order dated May 17, 2020, relating to certain relaxations with regards to the extension of the national lockdown till May 31, 2020. The NDMA has, through this order, canceled all its […]

India COVID-19 Legal Notes – Legal Actions to be Taken by Employers in Case of Threat of Suicide by Employees

Legal Recourse for Employers if Employee Threatens Suicide During the Covid-19 situation, employers are faced with severe financial stress, which has led a few of them to resort to certain calculated actions that affects employees, including reducing salaries, reducing holidays, putting employees on the bench, loss of pay, lay offs, furloughs and in extreme cases, […]

COVID-19 urges Courts in India to go Online: Pros and Cons of Court Hearings via Video Conference

The outbreak of the novel COVID-19 has been identified as a “public health emergency” of international concern by the World Health Organization on January 30, 2020.[1] As a consequence, a complete nationwide lockdown was declared.[2] The crisis which is going to flood while the world grapples with the coronavirus is unimaginable. Even in such troubling […]

Deferment Or Waiver: Interim Relief To SEZs Amidst Outbreak Of Covid-19

Payment Waiver A Much Required Relief to the SEZs by the GOI The outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has rapidly spread across the globe and has now become the biggest health crisis affecting billions of lives worldwide. This outbreak has fast morphed into an economic crisis adversely affecting several business operations. In order to tackle […]

COVID-19: Spotlight On The Competition Law Regime In India

A Sketch of Competition Law Regime Amid the COVID-19 Crisis The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted the businesses tremendously all across the world. It has brought economies to a standstill, pushing the world into recession. While there are certain specific sectors such as tourism, aviation, automobile, entertainment, hospitality, import-export, etc. which are severely affected, sectors […]

Features of the Economic Relief Package of the Government of India during the COVID-19 situation

Finance Minister’s Strategy to Battle COVID-19 Outbreak Government of India has announced Economic Relief Package in multiple tranches. The first tranche, announced on May 13, 2020, has 14 different measures. Six of these are for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSME); 2 are for Employees Provident Fund (EPF); 2 for NBFCs, Housing Finance companies and MFIs; […]

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR): A Positive Contrivance to Justice Post COVID-19

The world is witnessing a situation of pandemic and the conditions are far from being normal even in the near future. The state of affairs is dreadful as social distancing and lockdown are the only measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 so far. The administration of justice in India has a history of being […]

COVID-19 Update – RBI Measures as of date in view of the COVID-19 pandemic

Measures Deployed by the RBI to Tackle the COVID-19 Pandemic In the wake of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, several measures have been recently taken by the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) to ease the burden on retail as well as institutional players in the Indian market. The RBI had recently announced a Covid-19 – Regulatory […]

MHA Order dated March 29, 2020: Proportionality and Necessity Arguments

Proportionality Analysis of MHA Order Dated March 29 2020 Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, one of the widely discussed topics is the legal validity of the order[1] dated March 29, 2020 (“Order”) issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (“MHA”). It is pertinent to note that the MHA has issued the Order vide its powers conferred under […]

Legal principles in invoking Force Majeure Clauses – Case Law Analysis

Amidst the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, one of the widely discussed topics is the applicability of Force Majeure clause, particularly concerning the commercial contracts. The term Force Majeure is a French term derived from the Latin expression, ‘vis major’, though, the French term is known to have a wider meaning than the Latin expression.  […]

Regulating E-Health Ecosystem: The dawn of healthcare delivery in India

How e-Health Ecosystem Evolved As A Backwash Of COVID-19 ? In this COVID-19 era, when most of the hospitals and health care facilities are dedicated to treating COVID-19 patients, it is the e-health technology that is coming to the rescue of non-COVID-19 patients. E-health or better known as “Digital Health” is defined by the World […]

FAQ’S for Indian employers: Can Employees be terminated during COVID-19?

Employee Termination During Covid 19 Crisis During the Covid-19, we, King Stubb & Kasiva, have been approached by clients across industry verticals who have made enquiries concerning Employment and Labour law related aspects in India. We are providing below excerpts and summary of our legal opinion for a few questions posed to us about termination […]

Impact Of COVID-19 On Cyber World

The Unforeseen Effect of COVID-19 On The Cyber Sector – The Outline At the time of writing this article, almost 210 countries and territories around the world have reported approximately 16,50,000 COVID-19 positive cases and the death toll has also touched the figure of one lakh. Various international medical & research organizations and governments that […]

Impact of COVID-19 on Tenancy agreements: Frustration, Force Majeure and Suspension

The Riveting Aftereffect of COVID-19 on Tenancy Agreement The widespread global outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in termination/suspension of various contracts including tenancy agreements. Generally, at the time of execution, the contracting parties often agree on the terms and conditions to be followed when the performance of the said contract by either of the party […]

COVID-19 and Indian Courts

Impact of COVID 19 Outbreak on Courts In terms of the number of registered Covid-19 data across the world, India lies at the bottom of the list. However, in the last few weeks, India has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases. As a result, there lies a possibility that India […]

COVID-19 and its Two-Folded Impact vis a vis India’s Export Restriction on Drugs

COVID 19 and Drug Export Restriction The fear that has been gripping the world for over 60 days has now started showing its obvious impact on various industries and cross borders trades, showcasing its fearsome two-headed attacks, that not only leaves a nation (if not the world) into a medical emergency but also attacks the […]

Transportation of Essential Goods, People and Services during the COVID-19 Coronavirus lock down in India

Essential Services and Goods During COVID 19 Lock down Covid-19 has brought forth a lot of challenges to the Government of India. One of the primary challenges is to make people stay at home, at the same time ensuring that there is no shortage of essential goods and services. For this to be achieved, the […]

FAQ on leave, pay, termination, suspension of Employee by Employer during Coronavirus – COVID 19

COVID 19 Employment FAQs Can employers force employees to take unpaid leave? Yes, if the contract with the employees is governed by an ‘at-will’ kind of an agreement. The employer can end the employment at their discretion, if it is not violating an agreement and there is no discrimination. You may contact us at [email protected] […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – What to expect in M&A deals in India?

COVID 19 Impact on Mergers and Transactions in India Experts during the last quarter of 2019 predicted 2020 to surpass 2019 as the fourth strongest year for M&A on record. Since December, things have changed, rather dramatically due to the ongoing global healthcare pandemic COVID-19. It was in 2005 when the global M&A market saw […]

COVID-19: Risks and liabilities to be considered by the Board of Directors of Indian Companies

‘Understanding transmission of the virus is key to its containment and future prevention’ – David Veesler, a structural virologist based in Seattle.  The buck stops at the Board! As the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID19 continue to rise, the most asked question around the globe is- How to stop the spread of this […]

COVID-19: A pandemic, a force majeure and a material adverse change

As another week passed by, the utter state of bewilderment brought by novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to claim lives across the world. The impact of COVID-19 is not limited to human lives but also to operation of businesses eventually affecting a broad swathe of economy. The stock valuations are going down as the stock […]

COVID-19: Legal Issues and perspective relating to Real Estate in India

In this article, we are attempting to lay down certain preliminary thoughts on the possible business and legal issues due to coronavirus on the real estate sector. The growth of human civilization has witnessed a rise in pandemics as well. But what is a pandemic? Answering this question which has been typed and searched on […]

Maharashtra Government: The battle plan against COVID-19

Maharashtra’s Intense Plan for Corona Battle which started when a wintery “Pandemic” of December 2019 was not something people showed preparedness towards its first discovery in Wuhan, China. COVID-19 in the wake of havoc became an international concern as a public health emergency. Coronavirus/COVID-19 is contagious and owns the capability to spread from person to […]

“WHO” Calls COVID-19 a Financial Rebound- A Statement or a Question?

The Wintered Tale of COVID-19. WHO Calls COVID-19 New Financial Rebound “If you’re born poor, it isn’t your mistake but if you die poor, it indeed is your mistake!” With the outbreak of Coronavirus (“COVID-19”), the main concern is and should be saving lives but another aspect of thinking would crack a consumer’s brain to, […]


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