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Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) Scheme 2022-23

By - King Stubb & Kasiva on January 5, 2023

By means of Notification No. F. No4. (6)-B (W&M)/2022 dated December 15, 2022, the Government of India has made Series III and IV of the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2022–23 public. Each tranche under the Scheme has been divided into separate series (Series III and IV). The aforementioned announcement shall govern the terms and circumstances surrounding the issuing of the Bonds. 

a. Date of Issue 

The bonds shall be issued as per the details given below: 

S. No.TrancheDate of SubscriptionDate of Issuance
1.2022-23 Series IIIDecember 19 – December 23, 2022December 27, 2022
2.2022-23 Series IVMarch 06 – March 10, 2023March 14, 2023

b. Period of subscription 

The Central Government may, with prior notice, close the Scheme at any time before the period mentioned above. The Subscription of the Gold Bonds under this Scheme shall be open (Monday through Friday) on the days specified above. 

c. Application 

The required application form, Form-A may be used to subscribe for the Bonds or any alternative form that comes the closest to it. The form must include the number of grammes (in units) of gold as well as the applicant's full name and address. Every application must be supported by current "PAN information," which is supplied to the investor by the Income Tax Department (s).

The Receiving Offices, namely National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. and Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd., are authorized to accept applications for the Bonds either directly or through agents and to provide all services to the clients. Other Receiving Offices include designated Scheduled Commercial Banks, designated Post Offices, Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd., Clearing Corporation of India Ltd., and recognized stock exchanges. The Receiving Office must provide a receipt of acknowledgment. 

1. All online applications must be submitted with the investor(s)' email address, which should be uploaded to the Reserve Bank of India's Ekubersite along with the subscription information. 

2. The Receiving Offices must follow the rules and regulations issued by the Reserve Bank from time to time in order to fulfill their obligations to serve the SGB investors in addition to receiving applications. The Reserve Bank has published Consolidated Procedural Guidelines in Circular IDMD.CDD.1100/14.04.050/2021-22, dated October 22, 2021 (updated as of October 4, 2022), to make it easier for the people to access all current operational instructions on servicing of these bonds in one location. These guidelines must be followed by the Receiving Offices since they handle every procedural detail and assist the investors. 

3. The Bonds are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the notification dated March 27, 2018, issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Finance (Department of Economic Affairs) titled F.No.4(2)-W&M/2018. 

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