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Amrutha S Babladi

+91 9763124853


Amrutha Babladi has over 5 years of experience in advising clients, and
reviewing of title documents, revenue documents and drafting of pleadings
pertaining to immovable property and issue of due-diligence report on
immovable property mostly dealt with the lands located in Karnataka. She
also has experience in vetting and drafting Sale Deeds, Sale Agreements,
Memorandum of Understandings and Loan Agreements.

Indicative Experience


Conducting Title Investigation & Search Reports for Banks and Non-
Banking Financial Institutions and Verification in respect of properties i.e.,
Freehold, Leasehold.
Providing Legal Opinion and Search Reports for Banks and NBFCs in
respect of properties i.e., Flats, Lands, Plots, APFs.
Coordinating with clients and Banks/ Financial Institutions.
Visiting Banks and NBFC’s for vetting of legal documents & legal audit.
Advising, assisting and drafting agreements and Sale Deeds.
Conducting due diligence of properties for lease and sale transactions.
Conducting title search of properties for security creation by the banks

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