King Stubb and Kasiva has a top-notch corporate practice which is well regarded in Mumbai and makes it the top corporate law firm in Mumbai. KSK advises overseas and domestic clients on a wide range of corporate issues, joint ventures, corporate restructuring, and general corporate work. We are a market leader in corporate transactions in the sectors of industrials, technology, life sciences, insurance and consumer. 

With our established offices in nine cities across the country including that of Mumbai, we concentrate in major areas of the law to address the legal needs of our clients in India and abroad. As the top corporate law firm in India, we offer a comprehensive range of corporate legal and commercial services, including the incorporation companies, preparing corporate by-laws/ and shareholder agreements, advising in relation to capital increases, bond issues, stock market listings and group reorganizations.  

The corporate practice team at KSK works to render commercially viable strategies and pragmatic solutions for its varied clientele. Our Corporate Commercial Practice Group draws expertise from related practice areas to provide accurate, timely and effective results to our clients which establishes us as one of the finest corporate law firms in Mumbai.  

Our Services

Being amongst the few of the best commercial law firms in Mumbai, clients turn to us for advice and assistance on: 

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations; 
  • Advice on tax planning. 
  • Commercial Contracts for services, licensing, development, distribution, marketing, manufacturing, outsourcing, maintenance etc. 
  • Drafting and advising on commercial leases, contract terms and General corporate legal services for business 
  • Infrastructure and construction law contracts 
  • Payment systems and FinTech products/service offerings 

Key Highlights

  • Advised high-profile market leaders on both contractual and non-contractual commercial issues such as data privacy and protection. 
  • Advised Ambridge Partners in its proposed insurance cover to Schneider Electric acquisition of 74% stake in Luminous Power. Transaction involved review of all transaction documentation.  
  • Drafted an opinion on the possibility of imposition of taxes by Indian tax authorities. Advised GL Hotel Group SPA in its acquisition of an Indian Hotel Chain The transaction was valued at USD 650 million and involved negotiating the shareholders’ agreement, the share purchase agreement, conducting the due diligence and advising on the acquirer on the Indian takeover code.  


What is a transactional agreement?

A transaction services agreement, usually abbreviated as “TSA” is a legally binding contract executed between the buyer and seller of a business. As per the transactional agreement the seller agrees to provide the buyer with specific services once the sale of the business is conducted. 

What is due diligence for corporates?

Due diligence (DD) is an extensive process undertaken by an acquiring firm in to thoroughly assess the target company’s business, assets, and financial performance. 

What are warranties and indemnities?

A warranty is an assurance of the condition of the business or company or other matters relevant to the sale such as title to the shares. Warranties flush out information by encouraging sellers to make disclosures, while specific indemnities protect the buyer against specific concerns that may arise after disclosure. An indemnity is a promise by the seller to reimburse the buyer for any loss which that party suffers as a result of a particular event or a set of circumstances in question. 

Why choose King Stubb & Kasiva as your preferred law firm

The firm has developed a unique service delivery model, that enables us to serve client requirements across 900+ locations in the country. This ability, combined with the competency of the lawyers in the firm, has enabled us, to garner several marquee clients, over the years. King Stubb & Kasiva’s lawyers have an extensive understanding of the issues, that involve corporate affairs, information technology, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, cyber security, data privacy, encryption, dispute resolution, arbitration and other related matters. We have grown exponentially to be one of the top and fastest-growing law firms in Mumbai and in India, which advises several clients, from domestic as well as international markets. 

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