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King Stubb & Kasiva is a prominent full-service, corporate law firm in India with a global perspective and extensive international affiliations. We focus on delivering the highest levels of integrity, hard work, and trust to our clients.
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Home Ministry Empowers I4C for IT Act Takedown Notices
Strengthening Cybersecurity: Home Ministry Authorizes I4C to Issue Takedown Notices Under IT Act
Introduction: In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, where the digital landscape undergoes constant evolution, governments worldwide grapple with the challenges posed by cybercrimes. India, too, is diligently fortifying its cybersecurity infrastructure to effectively combat emerging threats. A significant stride was recently achieved with the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) being granted official authority by…
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India's 24/7 Network Fights Phishing: UN Cybercrime Treaty Draft
India’s Pioneering Move: Using a 24/7 Worldwide Network to Fight Phishing in the UN Draft Treaty on International Cybercrime
Introduction: In our contemporary digital age, where global connectivity is ubiquitous, the threat of cybercrime looms large, with phishing emerging as a prevalent tactic employed by criminals. India has introduced an innovative solution aimed at addressing this pressing issue: the incorporation of a globally accessible communication network into the United Nations (UN) draft treaty on…
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Zeeshan Farooqui Provides Expert Insights on NCLAT Appeal in Business Today Article
Zeeshan Farooqui, Partner, Dispute Resolution, King Stubb & Kasiva, shares his expert analysis on the NCLAT appeal involving Kuku FM and in a recent article published by Business Today. The appeal pertains to disputes concerning Google Play Store Billing and its potential impact on emerging startups. Farooqui's commentary underscores the pivotal role of the…
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Protecting Consumers from Bank Employee Frauds: Legal Insights from Suma R V
In light of the escalating concerns surrounding bank employee frauds, Suma R V has provided crucial legal insights to safeguard consumers' financial interests. Suma's expertise, as quoted in a recent Economic Times article, sheds light on a paramount aspect concerning the accountability of banks in cases of employee malfeasance. She underscores that fraudulent acts committed…
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Behind the Screens: Challenges Amidst India’s Cybercrime Surge
Behind the Screens: Challenges Amidst India’s Cybercrime Surge
Introduction India’s booming digital landscape presents a double-edged sword. While it unlocks immense opportunities, it also exposes the country to a growing number of cyber threats. According to NCRB data, number of cybercrime complaints reported in 2023 is 11,28,265[1], resulting in significant financial losses. India faces a variety of cybercrimes ranging from data breaches and…
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