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Startup Advisory Services

Startup Advisory Law Firm in India

KSK has an exceptional record of working with various startups across the globe. The firm is able to provide the early age startups with the relevant industry experience required to grow, by using the expertise gained from advising large corporates and multinationals. Our lawyers understand the legalities and complexities related to valuation, transactions, deal support, ESOPs, etc
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Our team has a track record of success working with early stage start-up owners and entrepreneurs. We understand the long-term implications of early-stage decisions for startups, and assist them in making informed decisions. We combine the traditional practice of law with the latest developments across different sectors to protect the interest of founders at every stage of their business. Some of the key areas where most of the early stage-ups need help with can be:

  • Simplifying the complex capital structure, liquidation preference, terms of co-founders agreement, variety of licenses, and other essential points for an early-state startup.
  • Analysis of affirmative rights, conversion rights, and indemnification during the funding rounds.
  • Creation of a customized ESOP scheme, creation of vesting schedule, and establishment of trust for ESOPs.
  • Protection of intellectual property and the associated rights.
  • Compliance with the evolving areas such as data privacy and protection.

Advantages of working with us, The best Startup Advisory Law Firm in India

  • We believe in long-term partnerships, collaborations, and mutually beneficial interactions.
  • Our solutions to common legal challenges are in line with current industry trends and regulations.
  • We have an intensive network of private equity firms, venture capitalists, and angel investors.
  • We bring in lawyers with experience in diverse sectors to understand the needs of different businesses.
  • We blend the conventional legal practice with latest technologies, to deliver our services in an efficient manner.
  • We have designed our fee-structure in a way that it suits the majority of early-age startups.
  • We have offices in eight major cities of India, along with a network of lawyers across the country to cater clients from different geographies.

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A legal structure, such as a private limited company, it appears most trustworthy and reliable. We will assist you in choosing the optimal corporate structures (share structure, board composition, officer appointments, etc.), incorporating your company organization, and customizing the structure to support your business goals.


We routinely assist start-ups seeking to build business synergies through foreign collaborations, whether through equity investments or technological collaborations. These transactions are structured with optimal knowledge of FDI to ensure that they are legally compliant and cost-effective.


We assist the startups in having a comprehensive plan to document and protect their intellectual property. Along with a robust litigation and enforcement team, we also advise on non-contentious matters involving transfer and use of IP in various domains such as franchising models, software development, etc.

Dispute Resolution

We ensure that any conflict or dispute that arises between stakeholders is addressed in the best interests. Our team has a deep understanding of diverse commercial topics, structures and regulatory regime which provides for an efficient resolution of disputes.


There are various steps involved in raising and closing the investment round.  We support our customers throughout the whole process, from the creation and evaluation of the term sheet through the execution of the final contracts.


We have assisted the startups with transactions such as structuring a company, entity buy over, promoter/promoter led buybacks, share-swaps, demerger, etc with ease. We understand the specific problems involved in such transactions.


Our team of experts can assist you in structuring an ESOP scheme which caters to your business interests. Our customised ESOP schemes are in compliance with the applicable laws and discusses all the essential terms in detail.


KSK advises various start-ups on their direct and in-direct tax structuring issues. Our team brings significant experience in corporate tax due diligence, reviewing strategy & assisting in removing the shortcomings.


We have extensive knowledge of both local and multijurisdictional regulations to let startups deal effectively with all the legal requirements. Our team has experience from diverse sectors making them capable of advising on all aspects

Real Estate

Our real estate practise includes a variety of industry players, including investee firms and REITs. We have deep expertise in drafting and negotiating documents, creation of security, and stamp duty, registration related advisory and assistance.


We have a deep understanding of different HR and Labour law regulations, align with their impact on any startup. Our team ensures that the start-ups have the appropriate contractual provisions, procedure, and policies to witness a smooth functioning.


A startup needs an exit plan. Acquisitions and public offers are investor-focused exit plans. Dissolutions, on the other hand, occur when a firm simply stops operating or when a founder transfers their ownership to a new shareholder or the business itself.



The Firm has a team of lawyers who hold expertise in advising early stage startups and is in position to provide you with unrivalled expertise on your startup advisory and assistance needs.


The Litigation Team of the firm predominantly involves catering to the needs of Indian and Multinational clients


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We regularly represent corporate and individual clients before state and central administrative agencies

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