Expert Analysis: Gautam Busi Discusses Digital Competition Bill’s Impact on Big Tech in Business Today Article

Posted On - 18 March, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

In a recent article published by Business Today, Gautam Busi shared his insights on the potential implications of the Digital Competition Bill on Big Tech companies.

The article titled “Digital Competition Bill: Here’s how it can affect the Big Tech companies” explores the recommendations put forth by the panel and their potential impact on the tech industry landscape. Gautam Busi’s commentary sheds light on the proposed thresholds outlined in the bill, including a ₹4,000 crore Indian turnover and $30 billion global turnover, with provisions for government exemptions

Gautam Busi remarked, “The panel suggests a ₹4,000 crore Indian turnover and $30 billion global turnover threshold, allowing government exemptions,” emphasizing the significance of these proposed thresholds in determining the regulatory framework for Big Tech companies.

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