Industry Expert Prashant Kataria Decodes RBI’s Paytm Move for Merchants in Business Standard Coverage

Posted On - 13 February, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

The Reserve Bank of India’s recent action regarding Paytm’s nodal PPBL account has spurred discussions and raised questions, particularly within the merchant community. In a recent coverage by Business Standard, industry expert Prashant Kataria decodes the implications of RBI’s move in a segment titled “Decoding RBI’s Paytm Move: What Merchants Need to Know.”

Prashant Kataria provides critical insights into the ramifications of the RBI action, focusing on the impact it may have on merchants. He said, “For any merchant user, the funds transferred through the app used to go to PPBL account and from there to the original account. Since the Nodal PPBL account will stop operating, merchant users will face difficulty in receiving payments.”

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