Prithiviraj Senthil Nathan Quoted in Business Standard on SEBI’s New Measures to Curb M&A Stock Price Disruptions

Posted On - 21 May, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

Prithiviraj Senthil Nathan, partner at King Stubb & Kasiva, emphasized the significance of the regulatory advancement in a recent article published by Business Standard titled “Market regulator Sebi offers shield against M&A stock price disruptions”. He stated, “SEBI seeks to provide an accurate reflection of a company’s value, thereby protecting investors from misleading price fluctuations. This transparency in rumour verification helps curb speculative trading based on false information and promotes a more stable and trustworthy market environment.”

BS Prithivi

The newly introduced SEBI regulations are designed to enhance market transparency and integrity, especially during periods of M&A activity which are often marred by speculative trading and unverified rumours. These regulations aim to ensure that stock prices more accurately reflect the true value of the companies involved, thereby protecting investors from erratic and misleading market movements. Visit link to read full article: