Rajesh Sivaswamy’s Insightful Analysis on India’s Auto PLI Scheme Featured in Outlook Business Article

Posted On - 13 May, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva
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Rajesh Sivaswamy offers a thought-provoking perspective on India’s automotive sector in a recent article published by Outlook Business. Titled “Bar Set Too High? Why India’s Auto PLI Scheme Failed To Take Off in 3 Years,” the article discusses challenges hindering the success of India’s Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for the automotive industry.

His analysis sheds light on India’s significant reliance on external supply chains despite its notable position in the global automotive landscape. Particularly, he highlights the dominance of countries like Taiwan in the semiconductor manufacturing market, a critical component for the automotive sector’s operations.

In his quoted statement, he emphasizes the urgent need for India to establish its own semiconductor manufacturing capacity to reduce dependency on external sources. He notes that until India builds its domestic capability, reliance on overseas suppliers will remain unavoidable. Read more: https://business.outlookindia.com/economy-and-policy/bar-set-too-high-why-indias-auto-pli-scheme-failed-to-take-off-in-3-years