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Andhra Pradesh Notification With Respect To “Work In Confined Spaces.”

By - King Stubb & Kasiva on August 15, 2023

The Andhra Pradesh Labour Factories, Boilers and Insurance Medical Services Department took note of the fact that certain maintenance-related activities have a high potential for accidents owing to their very nature itself.

In order to facilitate the factory management in operationalizing the safety measures with ease and better understanding in this regard and thereby prevent accidents in confined spaces in the future, detailed guidelines/instructions are issued to factories in the State. The guidelines/instructions are required to be followed by the factories in the State and;

The guidelines require that the occupier of a factory shall identify all confined spaces and the nature of hazard that is encountered in such places, normally or abnormally, and arrange to regulate the entry or work inside the confined spaces by following the work permit system for ensuring the safety and health at work. The guidelines detail out the safety precautions that are required to be ensured by the factories in respect of the confined spaces in the factories, including training of workers. The guidelines contain illustrative images for the guidance of factories.

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