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CCI Continues To Be In Action While They Search For A New Chairman

By - Kunal Mansharamani on February 27, 2023

Since the demission of office by the former chairperson of the Competition Commission of India (CCI) i.e., Mr. Ashok Gupta, Ms. Sangeeta Verma, an existing member of the Commission took over as the acting chairperson of the Competition Commission of India, while the commission searches for a newly appointed chairperson. 

Almost four months have elapsed and the commission hasn’t been able to appoint a new chairperson. The government had earlier vide its notification dated 23.01.2023 released vacancies for the appointment of 3 additional members to restore the size of members at the CCI but it didn’t lead to the resolution of the main issue.  

In order to remedy the immediate situation, the government has invoked the ‘Doctrine of Necessity’ for the smooth functioning of the CCI and clearance of various pending deals with the quorum strength of only two members. 

Erstwhile, the government is also trying to push forth the Competition Amendment Bill 2022. The decision of the government proved to be fruitful and the Commission cleared 6 deals in a single day. 

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