Transfer Of Accounts After Member’s Death For Calculation Of Assurance Benefit Under Edli Scheme, 1976

Posted On - 18 December, 2023 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

The Employees’ Provident Fund vide letter dated November 25th,2023 bearing No.: Pension/EDLI Matters/2023/2168 has reiterated that in the event that the provident fund account has not been transferred during the member’s lifetime due to non-submission of transfer application or any other reason, the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner upon intimation may arrange for transfer of account without insisting on a transfer application and settle the deceased member’s account. As per the recent amendments to the EDLI Scheme, continuous services for 12 months with 2 different organisations shall be counted for calculating EDLI benefits. However, it would be subject to transfer of previous membership of the deceased to the present PF account. Thus, it is imperative to ensure verification, flagging and merging of previous membership under a UAN to the present PF account in order to ensure that the deceased worker’s family is not deprived of applicable EDLI benefits.