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EPFO Circular On Application For Validation Of Option/Joint Options – Scrutiny Of Information And Wage Details Submitted By The Employee And Employer – 23.04.2023 

By - King Stubb & Kasiva on May 19, 2023

This circular is issued in continuation of the earlier instructions’ circulars dated 05.01.2023, 25.01.2023 and 20.02.2023 to inform that an online facility has been deployed and is available up to 03.05.2023 for the receipt of application forms for validation of joint options from the employees who retired prior to 01.09.2014 and for joint option forms from the employees who were members on 01.09.2014. The receipt of the aforementioned forms is to be done through the employers.

The above-mentioned forms, as received shall be scrutinized for approval of joint request to the Provident Fund on actual (higher) pay, along with the employer’s undertaking to pay administrative charges on it and for the contribution to the Pension Fund on actual (higher) pay. The applications may further be scrutinized for correctness/completeness of the information provided and the approval/vetting of the employer regarding the same. 

If it is found that complete information is received about the applications/joint options, then the dues will be calculated and an order depositing/transferring the dues will be passed by the appropriate authority. If there is a mismatch of information, one month’s time will be granted for providing complete information. If the employer has not approved the applications/joint options, then the authority will reject the applications/joint option form and inform members citing the reasons. However, before rejection, one month's time will be granted to the employer to give additional proof or correct any mistakes and an intimation of the same will be made to the employees/pensioners.

If the information received is not complete or seems erroneous, complete information will be sought from the employer under intimation from the employees/ pensioners within one month. Once complete information is received, orders for depositing dues will be made. There may arise circumstances requiring examination of the records of establishments/trusts for rectification of wage details. A team of examiners will verify the records of the employers/trust in respect of the concerned members/pensioners in the establishments/trust and will submit a report regarding the same to the authority and appropriate orders will be passed. 

If an application /joint option form is not found eligible, then an opportunity shall be given to pensioners/members to submit the requisite evidence/details through the employers only. Such opportunity will be for a time period of one month and under intimation to the employees/pensioners. If not complied with then the application/joint option forms will be rejected.  Any grievance by the applicant can be registered on EPFiGMS, after submission of his request form and payment of due contribution, if any. 

Vide government notification dated 02.05.2023, the online facility for filing applications for the validation of option or joint option from pensioners or members for applying for pension on higher wages which was supposed to close on 03.05.2023 has been extended by the EPFO to remain active until 26.06.2023 in lieu of extension demanded.  

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