ESI Brings Changes To ESIC Aadhaar Seeding Application Due To E-KYC Changes By UIDAI

Posted On - 11 January, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

In light of the updated e-KYC response by UIDAI, if the date of birth is recorded as “declared or approximate”, only the year of birth shall be shared on ESIC Aadhaar Seeding application. The Employees State Insurance Corporation (“ESIC”) has accordingly developed and updated the portal to enable the users to select the date and month in (Date/MM) format at the time of seeding Aadhaar details basis the available documentary evidence. The Aadhaar will be seeded upon matching of declared date of birth with the ESIC records. In case of any mismatch, a request will be generated for updation of IP details to obtain approval as per the existing system. If only the year is visible in date of birth column after seeding of Aadhaar details, the functionary involved in Aadhaar seeding work will enter the date and month in appropriate column on the basis of Aadhaar Card or other documentary evidence of Insured Person/Beneficiary and Aadhaar number will be seeded. However, such cases will be marked distinctly in profile of IP as declared date of birth which may be subject to verification at the time of service delivery or as and when required. ESI has informed of the changes through a circular dated December 6th, 2023 bearing No.: P-11014/3/2022-Bft-II (Part-I).