ESIC Directs Concerned Authorities To Guide Insured Women For Submission Of Maternity Benefit Claims On IP Portal

Posted On - 14 March, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

In a memo dated February 12, 2024 bearing No. R-14011/5/2023, addressed to all Regional and Deputy Regional Directors of the Regional Offices of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, has brought attention to the difficulties faced by Insured Persons (IPs) in submitting maternity benefit claims online due to the absence of Universal Account Numbers (UANs). This issue was discussed in light of a previous communication dated September 22, 2022, which highlighted that IPs with UANs linked to the system could access maternity benefits through the IP Portal. Numerous representations indicated that IPs could not submit their benefit claims via the IP Portal in the absence of UANs. Following an examination at the headquarters level, it was noted that IPs could obtain their UANs, even if they were not covered under the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), by utilizing the unified portal. Employers were encouraged to seed the UANs for their respective employees. It was advised to guide IPs without UANs to approach Branch Offices to obtain their UANs and facilitate the submission of benefit claims online through the IP Portal. Additionally, emphasis was placed on ensuring that all cash benefit claims were processed exclusively online.