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Formation of New District in the State of Assam

By - King Stubb & Kasiva on January 6, 2023

The Government of Assam vides Gazette Notification No. GAG(B) 491/2019/107 dated January 2, 2021, had notified the formation of a new district in the state of Assam. It has been decided to sign the lead bank responsibility for the new district as under: 

S No.Newly created DistrictErstwhile DistrictSub-Division under the newly created districtLead Bank Responsibility assigned toDistrict Working Code allotted to a new district
1.BalajiBarpetaExisting Bajali sub-division of the district of BarpetaUCO Bank01O (to be read as numeral zero, numeral one, alphabet O)

Bajali District is the 34th District of the Indian State of Assam, carved out of the Barpeta District. The Assam Cabinet headed by former Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal approved the proposal to make Bajali a full-fledged District on 10th August 2020. On 12th January 2021, Bajali was formally declared as a District. 

The District Working Code of the new district has also been allotted for the purpose of Basic Statistical Return (BSR) reporting by banks. The BSR Code is a seven-digit code that’s provided to the registered banks by the RBI. The first three digits in the code identify the bank, while the following four digits identify the bank branch. This code helps banks to keep a clear record of every online payment made towards tax.  

There is no change in the Lead Banks of the erstwhile district and of other districts in the state of Assam. 

[1]Link for the Notification


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