The Global Biofuels Alliance: A Transformative Step In The Global Energy Sector

Posted On - 25 October, 2023 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva


The global energy sector stands at a historic juncture with the recent announcement of the Global Biofuels Alliance (‘GBA’)[1] by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on the sidelines of the G20 Summit. This groundbreaking initiative, led by India, seeks to bring together governments, international organisations, and industry leaders to foster the adoption of biofuels worldwide. The Alliance represents a monumental leap towards positioning biofuels as a key driver of the energy transition, offering manifold benefits such as economic growth, job creation, and environmental sustainability.


The GBA is not just another international initiative; it is a visionary endeavour that reflects India’s proactive and action-oriented stance as the G20 President, and it underscores India’s role as the “Voice of the Global South.” [2]. The alliance aims to unite the world’s largest consumers and producers of biofuels in a collaborative effort to advance biofuel development and deployment.

Key Objectives:

The GBA’s objectives are comprehensive and forward-thinking. It seeks to support the global development and deployment of sustainable biofuels[3] through various means. The GBA will conduct capacity-building exercises across the biofuel value chain, equipping nations with the knowledge and expertise needed to adopt and promote biofuels effectively.

The GBA will facilitate the creation of a virtual marketplace connecting industries, countries, ecosystem players, and stakeholders. This marketplace will help map demand and supply while connecting technology providers with end users, thus promoting innovation and collaboration. The GBA will promote the development, adoption, and implementation of internationally recognised standards, codes, sustainability principles, and regulations. These measures will incentivise the adoption of biofuels and facilitate global trade in biofuel products[4].

Path forward for India:

As a tangible outcome of India’s G20 presidency, the GBA strengthens India’s global standing as a proactive leader committed to sustainable energy solutions. The alliance provides Indian industries with opportunities to export biofuel technology and equipment, contributing to economic growth and technology transfer. The GBA will accelerate India’s ongoing biofuel initiatives such as PM-JIVAN Yojana, SATAT, and GOBARdhan scheme. This will lead to increased farmers’ income, job creation, and overall ecosystem development.

The global ethanol market’s significant growth, predicted to surpass USD 162.12 billion by 2032, presents a lucrative opportunity for India. By tapping into this market, India can boost its economic growth and job creation. With global biofuel demand expected to increase significantly due to Net Zero targets, India’s active participation in the GBA will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing environmental sustainability.


The establishment of the Global Biofuels Alliance is a historic moment in the global energy sector. India’s leadership in this initiative reflects its commitment to addressing the world’s energy challenges, fostering international cooperation, and leveraging the potential of biofuels. The GBA promises to play a pivotal role in driving the transition towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources while benefiting India through economic growth, job creation, and enhanced global positioning. As the world strives to achieve Net Zero emissions, the GBA’s mission becomes increasingly vital, positioning biofuels as a key component of the global energy landscape.