Introduction Of The Data Protection Seal 

Posted On - 28 February, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

JANUARY 24, 2024, Data Protection Seal (‘Seal’) is a project undertaken by the Data Security Council of India (‘DSCI’) to verify and check the secure use of data by digital applications, websites and/or platforms (‘Products’) across the country. The ultimate purpose of Seal is to provide privacy assurance as per law and ensure responsible behaviour. DSCI will audit organisations that use digital platforms that interact with consumers and will check the method of collection, procession, storage, sharing, retaining and purging of data by such organisations. Only if the standards comply with the applicable laws governing data protection and privacy, DSCI will create the Seal for such Products. The Seal will thereby help the companies comply with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (‘DPDP Act’) and the rules applicable thereto.

Vinayak Godse, the Chief Executive Officer of DSCI said that this Seal will be a commitment from DSCI that the Product was checked by it for compliance with data privacy and data security standards.