Cauvery 2.0: Implementation Of New Software For Property Registration In Karnataka

Posted On - 10 October, 2022 • By - Amrutha Babladi

The Property Registration In Karnataka is purported to increase in speed in the coming days as the government is launching property registration software called ‘Cauvery 2.0’ on 01st November 2022. This software is expected to be user-friendly for government departments and the common people as well.

The new Cauvery 2.0 software has already been pilot-tested at the Deputy Registrar’s office at Chincholi, Kalaburagi District, Karnataka. Since it was successful, implementation will occur in all sub-registrar offices.

As per the current process, people should visit the sub-registrar office, wait in the queue to make payment and upload the documents. After this, they proceed with biometrics. Once the registration is completed, the document is sent for scanning and stamping. The overall process currently takes a minimum of 2 hours to a full day. Most people rely on third-party agents as the process is very cumbersome.

As per the new process, with the help of the updated software, people can upload the documents of the property to be registered and pay stamp duty and other fees (such as registration cost, stamp duty, cess, etc) online. After that, they can select a convenient date and time convenient and visit the sub-registrar office of their choice to complete the biometric process. The new process also erases the dependency on third-party entities as it automatically calculates the fees to be paid by the buyers. After the registration of property, the documents will automatically go to the digi-locker of the buyers.

The new software for Property Registration In Karnataka is expected to reduce the dependency on third-parties for registration, saving the time and effort of applicants as the overall process in the sub-registrar office should take around 5-10 minutes instead of several hours, unlike the old process.