Sunshine and Solutions: Grievance Redressal Mechanism on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar

Posted On - 20 January, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva


In its pursuit of sustainable energy, India’s Grid-Connected Rooftop Solar (RTS) Scheme Phase II outlines an important goal: to accumulate 40,000 MW of installed capacity from rooftop solar installations that are seamlessly connected to the national infrastructure. This initiative is extended until March 31, 2026, creating an important timeframe for substantial progress.[1] The scheme’s distinguishing features are incorporated into its dual-component structure. Component A provides subsidies and Central Financial Assistance (CFA) to residential power consumers to stimulate widespread installation of rooftop solar solutions. Component B, on the other hand, introduces incentives for Distribution Companies (DISCOMs), boosting collaboration and active participation in the drive to promote sustainable energy practices.

This two-pronged scheme, bringing together utility collaboration and consumer involvement, reflects India’s dedication to clean and renewable energy. A crucial part of a project of this scale is grievance redressal. Recently, the Union Minister for New & Renewable Energy and Power Shri R.K. Singh informed about the grievance redressal provision.[2]

Understanding the Grievance Redressal Mechanism

  • Provision on the National Portal: The Union Minister, Shri R.K. Singh, announced the incorporation of a dedicated provision for grievance redressal on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar.[3] This provision allows consumers to submit requests at various stages of the application process, facilitating modifications or changes to their applications or claims.
  • Requests Received: As of this latest update, a total of 15,942 requests have been submitted through the portal. These requests include several kinds of inquiries such as modifications and adjustments regarding rooftop solar applications.
  • Resolution Status: The ministry has effectively addressed and resolved 15,053 requests out of the total of 15,942. This high-resolution rate underscores the responsiveness and efficiency of the system in addressing consumer needs.

Concluding Remarks

The National Portal for Rooftop Solar’s grievance resolution mechanism represents a significant improvement in fostering customer confidence and streamlining the application process. The initiative has successfully resolved over 15,000 inquiries, demonstrating the Ministry’s commitment to transparency and responsiveness. Such a system effectively mitigates resistance, cultivates a sense of ownership, and boosts the credibility of the rooftop solar scheme by allowing consumers to voice problems and request modifications at any stage. Despite persisting challenges in increasing awareness and streamlining the process of resolving complex matters, the Ministry’s commitment to constant improvement builds trust in the system. In essence, the National Portal’s grievance redress mechanism lights the path to a more sustainable and promising future, driven by consumer empowerment and renewable energy.