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Company Incorporation Advisory Law Firm

In the vast world of business, corporations rely on legal teams to enable the transactions, help meet regulations, and be in sync with the everchanging legal statutes in an advisory position or a litigatory position. As a company incorporation advisory law firm the KSK team is well-equipped with the knowledge and speed to be on top of the game with a consistent grasp on the updates and their application.

Corporate law primarily encompasses Company law and allied laws like Mergers and acquisitions, Insolvency, and Bankruptcy laws. The main concern of corporate law and laws under its wide umbrella is to protect the company and those who are a part of it, like the directors, shareholders, investors, etc. We have dedicated teams for specialized areas of corporate law to meet the specific requirements of our clients, additionally, we’ve successfully litigated matters before NCLT, NCLAT, and Supreme Court as representatives of our clients.

In the stricter sense of commercial law, we’ve been entrusted with developing commercial contracts and vetting them; we’ve been in an advisory role in commercial and recovery proceedings and have represented our clients in commercial courts, High Court, and Supreme Court in a plethora of matters.

Consumer law is one of the common issues our firm has been entrusted with, wherein we have represented various complainants as well as defended several corporations against whom consumer cases had been filed.

Moreover, due to the rise in out-of-court settlements and dispute resolutions, our team of ADR experts has multiplied and has been excelling at the art of providing amicable resolutions to clients.

Approach at KSK, As a Company Incorporation Advisory Law firm In India

Even though Corporate and commercial laws enjoy mutual exclusivity, their synergy completes the legal affairs of a corporate entity. KSK team is well-equipped and trained to guide a company from the formation stage to the operation stage. Our team has been entrusted with dealings of several large-scale and medium-scale private companies and Government-owned companies.


A private company may become a public company to obtain more capital resources by issuing the shares and debentures of the company to the public based on the capital requirement.

Unlike ordinary cases, in Commercial cases, the original civil jurisdiction lies in the High Courts of Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Himachal Pradesh, and Madras.

No, as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872, the contract does not require to be stamped as long as it's a valid contract, it’ll be enforceable.

Section 166 of the Companies Act, 2013 provides that a director of a company shall act in good faith for the benefit of the company, the members, and all affected parties, including the community and environment. The director shall avoid conflicts within the organization and shall not attempt to embezzle from the company or obtain any undue gain.



The Firm has a team of lawyers who hold expertise in Corporate Laws and is in position to provide you with unrivalled expertise on your Corporate Law assistance needs.
KSK is experienced in complex corporate transactions who regularly represent a broad range of domestic and foreign corporations
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Firm has an integrated M&A, Funds & Private Equity Practice which also helps our clients in a significant manner.

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