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Energy, Sustainability and Mobility

KSK is a premier Energy and Green Hydrogen Law firm in India, providing top notch legal serivces in energy, sustainability and mobility sectors in India. King Stubb and Kasiva’s dedicated team of Professional energy lawyers make us well-poised to emerge as the best Green Energy Law Firms in India!

KSK has created a dedicated division that offers legal and regulatory guidance to businesses involved in renewable energy and clean technology. Our team of skilled lawyers brings extensive expertise in various aspects of the energy industry, including deals, financing, policy matters, and conflict resolution, especially in power and hydrocarbon sectors. We’re utilizing our established energy practice’s knowledge of power sector operations to help clients navigate the growing green hydrogen sector.

KSK has a well-established presence in the field of Energy law. Within the energy sector, our firm serves as legal advisors to lenders, landowners, project developers, suppliers, and contractors involved in various projects such as natural gas, coal, hydroelectric ventures, as well as wind and solar energy facilities.

Our team comprising of the best energy sector attorneys in India offers guidance in a wide range of areas, including project finance, energy regulatory compliance, restructuring, mortgages, legal audits, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, commercial operations, and fuel supply agreements.

Our Services

  • Guidance on financing for projects
  • Assistance with adhering to regulatory requirements
  • Advisory services for Power Purchase Agreements and resolution of tariff disputes
  • Support for mergers and acquisitions in the sector
  • Expertise in addressing various legal aspects related to electricity
  • Crafting and negotiating contracts
  • Legal representation in dispute resolution
  • Conducting thorough due diligence services
  • Advocacy for policy matters
  • Drafting, negotiating, and reviewing project agreements and financing documents

Key Highlights

  • Drafting, scrutinizing, and negotiating contracts pertaining to off-take and supply. We provide comprehensive guidance on regulatory compliance in the context of the Green Hydrogen Mission.
  • recognized experts in crafting, reviewing, and negotiating an array of agreements, such as EPC contracts, licenses, operation and maintenance agreements, concession agreements, and associated supplementary documents.
  • advisory services to assist clients in matters related to the termination of project contracts and the potential liabilities linked to them.
  • providing comprehensive support for the development and financing of green hydrogen projects, covering aspects such as project structuring, due diligence, financing options, and the negotiation of project contracts.
  • We are staunch advocates of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Our legal solutions are designed to help clients integrate ESG considerations into their business strategies, enhancing their sustainability efforts and reputation.

Our Approach:

For energy and infrastructure companies (including power and utilities, alternative energy, oil and gas, roads, ports and airports):

  • Project Financing Support: Advising in structuring and negotiating financing agreements, including debt and equity financing.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Advising on adherence to local and international regulations including laws governing the mines and minerals sectors. Providing insights into the legal implications of proposed policies and regulations.
  • Project documents: Crafting and negotiating project documentation including advising on the terms of the contracts, such as pricing, payment terms, and dispute resolution.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Providing a one stop solution from conducting due diligence, negotiating transaction terms, drafting agreements, and navigating regulatory approvals to ensure a smooth and legally compliant transaction.
  • Land Acquisition and Leasing: Providing legal guidance on land acquisition and leasing for miscellaneous projects.
  • Litigation Support: Offering legal counsel in case of disputes or challenges related to regulatory decisions.
  • Legal Advocacy: Offering legal support for policy reform initiatives.

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What is the green hydrogen law in India?

The Union Cabinet granted approval on January 4, 2022, for the National Green Hydrogen Mission, aiming to position India as a foremost global producer and provider of Green Hydrogen.

What is the scope of energy law?

Energy law is a legal field that oversees and levies regulations on the utilization of both renewable and nonrenewable energy resources. This area of law encompasses all the regulations, cases, legislation, and ordinances related to energy matters.

Why choose KSK as your preferred Energy law firm in India?

KSK’s exclusive focus on the energy, sustainability, and mobility sectors allows us to stay at the forefront of industry trends, regulations, and innovations, giving us a competitive edge in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities our clients face.