Aakansha Mewar



+91 7003630187



Aakansha primarily deals in commercial matters including commercial agreements, joint venture agreements, share purchase agreements, share subscription and shareholders’ agreements, etc. She has experience of advising various companies with regulatory compliances as per the applicable laws of India. She is actively involved in the drafting and execution of contracts, conducting due diligence and negotiations for various clients and provides advisory in matters related to the day-to-day operations of her clients.

Representative Clients :

Some of the Aakansha’s clients include, Tylok International Inc., Kanini Software Solutions, Shapos Services, Expleo Group, Juniper Networks Singapore, Refex Green Power Ltd., Elimica Solutions, Magna Electronics India, Pada Ventures Inc., etc

Indicative Experience

  • Involved in carrying out the legal due diligence for clients, offering
    advice on the various red flags to make an informed, which entails
    ensuring adherence to the regulatory and statutory requirements as per
    the applicable laws.
  • Drafting, reviewing and conducting due diligence before providing
    advisory services to clients.
  • Involved in reviewing and closing of transactional documents for clients
    and taking part in the negotiations and executions.
  • Reviewing and closing of agreements including distributor agreements,