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Excelling in Labour and Employment Law: Leading the Way in India's Legal Landscape
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King Stubb and Kasiva is a prominent labour & employment law firm in India and is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and profound knowledge of all critical aspects of managing human resources in India, encompassing a broad range of industries. Labour and employment law in India can be complex and constantly changing and KSK’s team comprising of experienced employment lawyers in India work regularly with clients in various sectors, including IT/ITES, Banking and Finance, FinTech, Hospitality, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and many others to address their simple and complex legal issues pertaining to employment law. 

We offer a range of services related to labour and employment law, including drafting and reviewing employment contracts and representing clients in disputes related to wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment. As the best labour and employment law firm in India, we are consistently recognized by both domestic and international clients for our expertise in navigating the complex maze of regulatory compliance and legal requirements pertaining to human resources, employment laws in India and labour disputes. 

Our team of experienced labour dispute lawyer in India understands the nuances of Indian labour law and is committed to staying up-to-date with any changes or developments in the field. We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention to each client, taking the time to fully understand their unique needs and goals. 

Our Services

  • Employment contracts drafting and review 
  • Discrimination and harassment complaint resolution 
  • Wage and hour compliance advice 
  • Workplace investigations and audits 
  • Employment litigation defense 
  • Workplace policies and procedures development and review 
  • Employee benefits counseling and compliance 
  • Immigration law guidance for foreign employees 
  • Trade secret protection and non-compete agreements drafting and review 
  • Training and seminars on employment law compliance and best practices 
  • Conduct investigations of complaints under the law relating to the prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) 

Key Highlights

  • Advised a fintech company on an on-going basis on the legal issues arising out of labour and employment, that companies face in their day-to-day operations. 
  • Advised an MNC on Indian law matter related to fixed-term employment contracts and assisted them in connection with employment contracts for both senior managerial personnel and junior-level employees. 
  • Preparation of original legal documents for a famous e-commerce platform such as suits, petitions, interlocutory applications, criminal complaints, and notices. Additionally, we have conducted extensive research on case law, provided guidance to senior counsels, and appeared before various courts, including the Delhi High Court, Supreme Court, lower courts, and consumer tribunals. We have also represented clients in various forums related to consumer complaints and complaints related to monopolistic and restrictive trade practices. 
  • Advised on Trade Unions and Employment related litigation, Disciplinary proceedings, Employees Rights and related benefits, Constitutional Rights, Employment and service contracts, Labour disputes and Industrial actions, Health and safety legislation, Collective bargaining, Employment issues, Industrial actions, Provident fund, Statutory benefits and Trade disputes. 
  • Regularly advice multiple clients on various issues relating to retrenchment of employees in accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 including advice on payments due to such employees under the Provident Fund Act, Gratuity Act, etc.  

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When should you consult a Labour and Employment law firm in India?

It is recommended to consult an labour and Employment law firm in India when there are disputes or concerns related to employment and labour laws, or when companies need assistance in understanding and complying with the relevant regulations and policies. 

How do I choose the right Labour and employment law firm in India?

When choosing a Labour and employment law firm in India, it is recommended to consider the firm’s experience and reputation in handling similar legal matters, the qualifications and experience of the lawyers in the firm, and the fee structure and costs involved. 

What are the benefits of hiring a law firm for labour and employment law matters?

Hiring a law firm for labour and employment law matters can provide several benefits, including expert legal advice and representation, efficient and effective resolution of employment-related issues, and protection of the interests of both employers and employees. The firm can also help ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations, thereby reducing the risk of legal disputes and penalties. 

How can a law firm help employees with employment-related disputes?

A law firm can help employees with employment-related disputes by representing them in legal proceedings related to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and other employment-related issues. The firm can also provide advice and guidance on the legal options available to the employee and help negotiate a resolution. 

Why is King Stubb & Kasiva one of the best labour and employment law firm in India?

The firm has developed a unique service delivery model, that enables us to serve client requirements across 900+ locations in the country. This ability, combined with the competency of the lawyers in the firm, has enabled us, to garner several marquee clients, over the years. King Stubb & Kasiva’s lawyers have an extensive understanding of the issues, that involve corporate affairs, information technology, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, cyber security, data privacy, encryption, dispute resolution, arbitration and other related matters.

Being amongst the Best labour and employment law firm in India, we have grown exponentially to be one of the top and fastest-growing law firms in India, which advises several clients, from domestic as well as international markets.