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Trademark Legal Services in India

King Stubb and Kasiva offers the best trademark legal services in India. We have a team of dedicated trademark Attorneys in India, supported by robust infrastructure across offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. Our experienced team of top trademark lawyers in India is well-versed in trademark registration, enforcement, and protection, and ensures that your brand’s identity remains secure and protected.

As the leading trademark law firm in India, we understand the significance of your brand’s uniqueness and the importance of securing it from potential infringements. We provide services to a multi-faceted set of clients including small and medium enterprises and start-ups across different industries. KSK’s expert Trademark Lawyers and Attorneys serving clients across India and around the world shall advise you on how to use trademarks to protect and promote your brand worldwide.

KSK offers a seamless experience, guiding you through every step of the trademark registration process including complete documentation required to obtain a trademark. Our proactive approach and attention to detail ensure that no aspect of your trademark goes unnoticed, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence.

Our Services

KSK’s Trademark lawyers have decades of experience assisting our clients with the following services:

  • Tailor-made advice
  • Insights on Trademark search, selection, due diligence and filing.
  • Complete guide to Trademark Protection.
  • Trademark registration & renewals
  • Trademark Litigation management
  • Trademark licensing.
  • Trademark portfolio management.
  • International Trademark protection
  • Trademark Counseling and strategy

Our Approach:

  • Our unwavering core principles have led us to assemble a team of top-notch trademark attorneys in India. This commitment ensures the effective handling and service of even the most intricate legal issues. It is our dedication to professional ethics in our interactions with clients and various legal matters that has earned us recognition as a reputable intellectual property rights (IPR) firm in India.
  • We ensure that our fee arrangement is clear and foreseeable for our clients. We firmly believe that trust and shared objectives are the foundation of client relationships, and we consistently uphold our commitment to providing outstanding legal services.
  • KSK follows a methodology that requires the utmost levels of expertise, technical proficiency, and service excellence. This approach yields precise, dependable, punctual, and cost-efficient guidance, all while upholding international standards of distinction. We craft a unique strategy for each client and their business, ensuring a tailored approach that meets their specific needs.

Key Highlights

  • Advising and assisting clients in enforcing statutory and Common Law rights related to trademarks, ensuring robust protection of their intellectual property.
  • Assisting clients in securing domain names that align with their trademarks, bolstering their online presence and brand identity.
  • Providing surveillance and monitoring of trademark usage to identify potential infringements
  • Facilitating international trademark registration through the Madrid Protocol and other avenues
  • Handling all aspects of trademark infringement cases and providing expert representation in trademark-related legal disputes.
  • Assisting clients with timely trademark renewals, ensuring ongoing protection and adherence to relevant laws and regulations.

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Why choose King Stubb and Kasiva as your preferred trademark law firm?

The firm has developed a unique service delivery model, that enables us to serve client requirements across 900+ locations in the country. This ability, combined with the competency of the lawyers in the firm, has enabled us, to garner several marquee clients, over the years.
King Stubb & Kasiva’s lawyers have an extensive understanding of the issues, that involve corporate affairs, information technology, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, cyber security, data privacy, encryption, dispute resolution, arbitration, trademark legal services and other related matters.

Being amongst the Best company secretarial services law firm in India, we have grown exponentially to be one of the top and fastest-growing law firms in India, which advises several clients, from domestic as well as international markets.

How to register a trademark in India?

To register a trademark in India, you can apply through the official website of the Trademark Registry, filing the necessary forms and providing the required documentation. It is advisable to get assistance from an experienced trademark law firm to avoid any legal hindrances.

How much does it cost to register trademark in India?

The cost to register a trademark in India varies depending on factors like the type of applicant and the number of classes. On average, it can range from INR 4,500 to INR 10,000 or more.

Who is eligible for trademark in India?

Any individual, business, or legal entity, including foreign entities, can be eligible for a trademark in India as long as they intend to use it for their goods or services.