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Investment Management Law Firm

Post-liberalisation and globalization, the trends have been indicative of growth in National and International investment. The economic activity in the Indian markets has been astonishing, thus making it a suitable market for investment. However, with the rise in transactions, there is an increasing need for a team of experts to help investors in each step of smart investment.

KSK has a highly experienced team, with members who have worked with national as well as international clients by providing them the following services-

  1. Filing applications
  2. Advisory role in investments
  3. Drafting relevant documents
  4. Dispute resolution
  5. Fulfilling any other legal requirements of listed companies

Approach at KSK as the best Investment Management Law Firm:

There are several intermediaries in the market, and multiple investment opportunities and deals, which require legal assistance to ensure a flawless process. The KSK team provides all the necessary services for corporate transactions like M&A, restructuring, and stock exchanges.


An investor is an individual or a firm, which allocates capital with the intent to receive financial gains from the entity invested. The primary objective to invest is the maximization of wealth.

In 1991, the Indian markets opened to foreign investment, and the FDI legal framework has been developed around accommodating National as well as an international investment since India is a developing country with great growth potential.

The Foreign Exchange Management Act provides a legal framework for investment and trade law. It also governs the Forex market and its maintenance. It aims to increase foreign investment and provide an orderly development of the investment regime in India

A company issues shares to the general public for the first time through an initial public offering (IPO). The company has very few shareholders before the IPO. Founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists are all included in this. However, the corporation makes its shares available for public purchase during an IPO. You can become a shareholder and purchase shares directly from the business as an investor. This is often done to a) generate money for development and expansion; b) enable owners and early investors to sell their interest to make money, and c) promote the name of the brand.





The Firm has a team of lawyers who hold expertise in Investment Law and is in position to provide you with unrivalled expertise on your Investment Law assistance needs.


KSK is experienced in complex corporate transactions who regularly represent a broad range of domestic and foreign corporations


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Firm has an integrated M&A, Funds & Private Equity Practice which also helps our clients in a significant manner.

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