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Infrastructure & Project Finance

Infrastructure Law Firm in India

The fort of economic prosperity is constructed on the foundation of infrastructure. India is making continual efforts to focus on infrastructure expansion in order to achieve the same goal. A restricted economy has gradually given way to an open market economy where private actors, including foreign investors, now play a significant role. The many segments that make up the infrastructure sector are each controlled by laws that are unique to them. Typically, licenses granted to private developers or contractual arrangements allow for private involvement. Each of the project and infrastructure segments such as energy, mining, oil/natural gas, and roads have its own set of rules.

King Stubb and Kasiva ensure comprehensive legal services in this area by leveraging deep expertise in the following areas:

  1. Highways/roads
  2. Sea Ports
  3. Airports
  4. Power
  5. Oil and gas
  6. Mining
  7. Energy trading

Through services like as a leading Infrastructure Law Firm in India :

  1. Structuring funds for financing projects.
  2. Complete due diligence.
  3. Drafting important contracts and agreements.
  4. Tender documentation
  5. Advice on partnerships.
  6. Assistance in getting clearances, licenses, and permissions.
  7. Dispute resolution across various courts and tribunals.

Approach at KSK

Due to India's fast modernization and its insatiable want for energy, local and foreign investment in infrastructure and energy projects has surged, bringing with it a new set of difficulties. It is a good moment to invest in this industry because of the predicted extraordinary growth. The regulatory environment has undergone several modifications as a result of India's expanding infrastructure market.

To achieve its aim of a sustainable environment, the government is also reforming the existing laws, which is resulting in an increased number of compliances. Thus, to reduce the likelihood that a structure won't be compliant in the near future, attorneys must be aware of the ongoing developments and deliver solutions. At KSK as a leading Infrastructure Law Firm in India, we regularly assist manufacturers, developers, lenders, financial institutions, and government bodies with every aspect of infrastructure and project finance-related issues. We believe in working towards the best interests of our clients, and deepening the relationship.


Each of the project and infrastructure segments such as energy, mining, oil/natural gas, and roads have its own set of rules. Some of the prominent regulations are the Electricity Act, 2003 and Energy Conservation Act, 2001, Petroleum Act, 1934, The Mines Act, 1952, Territorial Waters, Continental Shelf, Exclusive Economic Zone, and other Maritime Zones Act, 1976, Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board Act, 2006, Oil Mines Regulations, 2017, The Petroleum and Natural Gas Rules 1959, Oil Industry (Development) Act, 1974, Petroleum and Natural Gas (Safety in Offshore Operations) Rules, 2008, and Airports Authority of India (management of airports) regulations, 2003.

There are several documents involved in a project-finance transaction, so we have tried to list down the broad categories of such agreements/documents. They are Project Documents, Operational Agreement, Property Agreement, O&M Contract, Supply Contract, Off-take agreements, Financing Documents, Investment agreement, and Security documents.

A long-term agreement between a private party and a government organization for the provision of a public good or service, in which the private party assumes major risk and management responsibilities, is commonly referred to as a public-private partnership (PPP). It is predicated on the understanding that in carrying out particular duties, the public and private sectors each have significant advantages over the other. The private sector may be in charge of the project's financing, design, construction, operation, management, and maintenance.

Power trading is the buying and selling of power by players in the energy sector. Depending on the market structure, many types of power trading are conceivable, ranging from short-term trading to long-term power purchase agreements. It involves products like crude oil, electricity, natural gas, and wind power.



The Firm has a team of lawyers who hold expertise in Infrastructure Laws and is in position to provide you with unrivalled expertise on your Infrasture Law assistance needs.
The Litigation Team of the firm predominantly involves catering to the needs of Indian and Multinational clients
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