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In terms of standing out as a Real Estate Law Firm in India, King Stubb and Kasiva’s real on a PAN India basis is rivaled by very few law firms in the Country. The Firm has a dedicated real estate practice across all offices including New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Pune, and Kolkata. 

Local knowledge being everything in real estate, our network of experts throughout the country combines this knowledge with experience in the property cycle to provide your business with advice customized for your requirement. We also act as local counsels for interstate matters generally involving multiple properties in multiple jurisdictions. From sale and purchase to planning and zoning, construction and development, facility and asset management, we have got you covered. You can rely on our hands-on experience in local markets and track record of handling large-scale, medium-scale, and cross-border transactions, including some of the property developments across India in recent years.


The Firm has built an integrated network of lawyers and real estate staff throughout the country and is in a position to provide you with unrivalled expertise on your diligence requirements.

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King Stubb and Kasiva’s real estate practice offers a myriad of transactional and advisory services. Our commercially driven and pragmatic approach enables us to deliver practical and apt legal support which is tailor-made for each and every one of our clients.

Our team comprises of stellar professionals having strong industry specific knowledge, which has equipped us to quickly understand internal structures and the precise needs of real estate organizations. We collaborate with the most successful enterprises and entrepreneurs to navigate change, construct innovative solutions and foster growth in the real estate industry. Armed with an exhaustive understanding of the local, legal, commercial and regulatory environment, our mission is to provide cost-effective, comprehensive and efficient client-centric services.

We bring enormous experience in all aspects of property law, which includes real estate acquisition for the purposes of residential, commercial and industrial development, due diligence, investments, financing, RERA advisory, REITs and services in connection with developing, buying, selling and leasing property. We represent and advice a plethora of property developers and owners, investors, contractors, hotel operators, educational institutions and financial institutions. Our expertise in regulatory requirements and evolving enforcement landscapes in the industry ensures clients are on top of their compliances and governance requirements.


Key Services
  • Conducting due diligence and title verification, including advising on legal, technical and
  • regulatory issues in respect of the acquisition and disposal of immovable properties in India;
  • Advice on structuring real estate investments/developments including suitable entry vehicle;
  • Assisting in the creation of joint ventures including drafting necessary documentation;
  • Assisting in development of Townships, creation of Special Economic Zones (SEZ);
  • Assisting companies to undertake infrastructure work, including road and bridge development, port development and power projects (including alternative energy projects);
  • Providing inputs on matters related to zoning, land use under various reservations and regulation of land use and allied laws relating to the construction and redevelopment of properties; and
  • Advising on the legal and regulatory aspects of foreign investment in the Indian real estate sector.

For many new and growing businesses, signing a lease can be an important and exciting step in the transition from business concept to being a fully operational enterprise. There may arise various factors that determine the rights of the parties in a lease transaction. We at King Stubb & Kasiva, with a team of dedicated lawyers provide progressive end-to-end solutions to the clients in wide spectrum of lease transactions, varying from a simple residential lease to a high-stake commercial / industrial lease. Our team of expert lawyers with decades of experience is capable of navigating the complete process of lease transactions flawlessly including drafting necessary documents and negotiating the transactions.

Our Services include:

  • Conducting limited due diligences in respect of the properties;
  • Drafting the necessary documentation for lease;
  • Negotiation support;
  • Stamp duty and registration support.

Our real estate finance practitioners have an in-depth understanding of the commercial real estate sector and financing products in that market. The firm has advised on real estate investments through NBFCs, funds, non-convertible debenture / optionally convertible debenture structures and inter-corporate deposits.

The team has the expertise and resources to advise clients on the legal, technical and strategic issues involved in real estate financing transaction with an excellent overview of the aims and needs of different participants. Our clients include real estate investors, non-bank debt providers, commercial and mortgage banks, funds, developers and corporates.

Our Services include:

  • Conducting due diligence with respect to properties in real estate investment transactions, including investment through loans, inter-corporate deposits, trusts, funds etc; and
  • Negotiation support; and
  • Drafting of transaction documents including loan, investment, mortgage and other security documents, such as loan or investment agreements, mortgage and hypothecation documents, debenture trust deeds etc.

The Firm regularly works on real estate redevelopment projects, including slum rehabilitation projects. The firm has experience with:

  • Acting for clients on the redevelopment of properties leased from the central government, state
  • governments and various government bodies and public entities across the country; and
  • Acting for clients on the redevelopment of properties belonging to cooperative societies; and
  • Assisting with the redevelopment of cessed properties and dilapidated buildings.
  • Working on specialized slum rehabilitation projects; and
  • Preparing documentation for redevelopment, including development agreements, joint venture agreements, development management agreements, work contracts and agreements among tenant and occupants; and
  • Assisting with proceedings for the summary eviction of non-cooperative tenants and occupants; and
  • Assisting with proceedings before courts, the Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) and the High Power Committee (HPC) of the SRA; and
  • Advising on the formation and registration of cooperative societies.

Litigation support:

The team represents and advises a variety of clients in numerous litigation matters including family disputes, litigation in relation to contracts, laws of specific performance etc.

Real Estate (Regulation and Development):

The team has extensive experience in (i) advising developers, owners and housing societies on the RERA registration of their projects, their obligations and liabilities (ii) advising real estate financers, including banks and NBFCs, about the withdrawal of receivables and enforcement of mortgages under the RERA and assisting them with project structuring and documentation.

Real Estate Investment Trusts:

  • The team also possesses in-depth knowledge of the know-how of REIT transactions and is capable of providing flawless advise in relation to suitable structures for real estate funds, trusts (including real estate investment trusts (REITs)) and corporate houses, from a legal, tax and regulatory perspective, and undertaking related documentation; and


  • Advising on taxation and tax-saving measures, in consultation with tax law experts vis-a-vis REITs.


The Firm has built an integrated network of lawyers and real estate staff throughout the country and is in a position to provide you with unrivalled expertise on your real estate assistance needs.


Our team will review and respond within 24 hrs on an estimate and timeline for diligence.



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