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Employment law, a separate area of law that defends employees' rights, is sometimes known as labor law. Given that the Republic of India has a federal system of government, employment and labor-related legislation can be passed by both the federal government and state governments under the concurrent list of subjects in the Indian Constitution.

Many labor laws have been passed by the federal government and state governments, not only to protect workers but also to protect them from discriminatory practices and in working government, to ensure a good relationship between employees and employers for a smooth workplace environment for industrial peace, to instill discipline among workers and to take disciplinary action against indiscipline and disputed employees in the workplace. Labor law covers three broad areas: Industrial Relations, Employment Standards, and Workplace safety.

King Stubb & Kasiva has a team of experienced attorneys who regularly assist MNCs and start-ups in the following areas:

  1. Organizational structuring
  2. Employment compliance laws
  3. Acquisitions
  4. Outsourcing
  5. Data protection
  6. International workforce relations
  7. Risk management

Through services like as a Labour Law Firm in India:

  1. Drafting of all key documentation such as letters of Offer, Employment Agreements, Employment Manuals, etc.
  2. Drafting company employment/HR policies and compliance manuals.
  3. Structuring of ESOPs
  4. Structuring salaries, benefits, and extras for employees.
  5. Drafting of Sexual Harassment Policies.
  6. Assistance in downsizing and retrenchment.

Approach at KSK

The labor laws of India are now undergoing modifications. These reforms are being driven by several factors. First, it must be acknowledged that a nation's economic growth depends on having clear and effective labor rules. Other policy goals that are motivating these reforms include social fairness, social security, and ease of doing business.

Four labor regulations covering pay, social security, workplace safety, health and working conditions, and labor relations are the result of the recent changes. Due to this, the domain now requires deep expertise to deal with the myriad challenges posed by the modern Indian workplace. To ensure complete compliance with all relevant laws and requirements, KSK provides advice to domestic and foreign customers on the intricate regulatory and legal elements of employment and labor rules. We put a great emphasis on confidentiality, during employment-related and compliance issues.


The Indian parliament passed four labor codes in the 2019 and 2020 sessions. These four codes have replaced 44 existing labor laws. They are -

The Industrial Relations Code 2020, The Code on Social Security 2020, The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020, and The Code on Wages 2019.

The employee has the option to acquire a predetermined number of business shares under an employee benefit plan called an ESOP at a predetermined price (usually face value or a reduced market price) after a predetermined period. Key phrases include the cliff time, how vested shares are handled when an employee leaves or quits, how long the exercise period is, an appropriate vesting plan, etc.

The ILO wants to help its members develop or improve the legislative frameworks, organizations, systems, or procedures necessary for healthy labor relations and productive social discussion. To create and improve new and better international labor standards, safeguard and promote human and labor rights, and eradicate discrimination and child labor, several constitutions, declarations, conferences, conventions, and proposals have been made. ILO has a critical and indisputable role in achieving these objectives, increasing awareness, and building bridges between governments, employers, and employees because of its influence over member nations.

The terms and circumstances regulating a person's employment in a corporation are outlined in an employment agreement. Some of the key terms are Title of Position Offered, Benefits, Vacation and Leaves, Confidentiality Agreement, Remuneration, Termination of Contract, and Dispute Resolution.



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