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With complex corporate transactions comes great responsibility, the KSK team is well-known to work with industry mammoths with its sheer will and skillset. Mergers and acquisitions are one such area of expertise that requires absolute attention to detail; details that the corporations may overlook. The KSK team guides strategize and advise the client firms in the best possible direction, in terms of restructuring, integration, and financial arrangements.

Amidst the rise of M&A in India, a sign of futuristic ambition and technological growth, KSK has set up a team of specialists in this field to help clients by:

  1. Strategizing and consulting on the method and mode of M&A
  2. Assessing and reviewing the structure
  3. Due diligence
  4. Documentation
  5. Obtaining regulatory approvals
  6. Creating and vetting the agreement
  7. Assisting and representing the client during negotiations

Approach at KSK, A leading M&A Law Firm in India:

In the entire process of Mergers and Acquisitions, the corporations require the assistance of legal experts to guide them through the tedious and technical process. More than law, understanding the markets and the economy is important for M&A lawyers to enable better assistance in matters of investment and assessment of the best direction towards achieving an equitable deal.


The basic 3 documents required are

  1. Articles of incorporation
  2. Letter of intent
  3. Acquisition agreement

However, as we move forward at each stage of M&A, multiple documents are required which carry specific details of each aspect to be covered in the amalgamation.

A merger is a peaceful agreement to combine one or more entities to create a new joint organization, however, an acquisition is an aggressive approach wherein one entity takes over another entity.

An amalgamation of two or more companies can be done by transfer of all the assets, liabilities, and stocks to the main/transferee company in the form of equity shares or debentures, cash, or a combined method.

To cover all the legal grounds and bring the amalgamation into effect, the High court is required to sanction the merger scheme, as per the Companies Act.





The Firm has a team of lawyers who hold expertise in M&A and is in position to provide you with unrivalled expertise on your M&A assistance needs.
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