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Mergers and Acquisition Lawyers

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a branch of corporate law that focuses on companies that buy or merge with other companies. KSK is recognized as one of the best M&A law firm in India. Our M&A lawyers advise clients on the drafting, negotiation, and performance of contracts for the sale of corporate assets, as well as on the financing required for mergers and acquisitions. An M&A transaction is one of the most intricate events for a company, with both internal and external impacts.  

Client engagements at KSK are designed to develop long-term organizational collaborations, with frequent input in industry projects and supervisory links. The advice is then tailored to the client’s structural culture and risk profile and reinforced and fostered at every level so that the problems may be addressed as per each client’s unique perspective. A potentially complex M&A deal may involve numerous government and regulatory touchpoints, and knowledge of the business or sector is essential for classifying barriers and issues.  

Our attorneys at KSK, have a wealth of expertise working on transactions involving regulated industries and publicly traded firms, as well as overcoming significant regulatory hurdles. Years of experience have contributed to KSK’s unrivalled industry proficiency. We play a critical role for international corporations looking to buy existing businesses in India, as well as Indian companies looking to acquire enterprises within or outside of India, by providing a broad variety of services, including regulatory assistance. 

Our Services

We regularly advise our clients in corporate control and governance, in addition to representing firms and shareholders at shareholder meetings.

Our services include

  • Structuring the M&A
  • International and Domestic Tax Planning
  • Undertaking Legal and Tax Due Diligence
  • Advice in Securities Law, Corporate Law, and Exchange Control Law
  • Documentation and Negotiation
  • Sell-side advisory
  • Buy-side advisory
  • Division/subsidiary spin-offs and divestitures
  • Financial Advice on Sales and Purchase Agreements
  • Financial & Tax Due Diligence

Key Highlights

We specialize in negotiating and competing for acquisitions of public companies, in addition to joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and major equity investments (including tender offers, exchange offers, takeover bids, mergers, and schemes of arrangement).

  • Assisted a UK software company in acquiring an ownership position in an Indian software company. The acquisition required structuring, due diligence, a shareholder agreement, and purchase/subscription agreements
  • Advised Essilor on the acquisition of optical manufacturing companies. The transaction required negotiations with existing shareholders, the development of numerous agreements such as a share purchase agreement and an escrow agreement, permission from regulatory bodies such as the FIPB and the RBI, and the completion of legal due diligence
  • Advised Russian Helicopters, one of the worlds largest helicopter manufacturers, to conduct due diligence on Vectra HeliCopters, an Indian helicopter manufacturer. The transaction was formalized in the form of a Joint Venture Agreement, which included the creation and reviewing of transaction papers
  • Assisted and represented Elemica, the worlds premier digital supply chain network, in its acquisition of Process Weaver, the leading provider of first-to-last mile multi-carrier parcel TMS solutions. 

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Why is risk advice so important in mergers and acquisitions?

Risk is unavoidable in business, but you should strive to reduce it to every extent possible and ensure you completely understand what you’re getting into, especially with mergers and acquisitions. As a result, you are highly advised to obtain risk consulting services for M&A transactions. To maximize the benefits of a merger or acquisition and realize the full potential of the new organization, you must be able to identify and manage risk as effectively as possible. M&A advice services may be useful in protecting the interests of different stakeholders and maximizing your value creation. 

What are the benefits of acquisitions and mergers?

There are numerous reasons why a company may desire to merge or buy another, but the most common is to improve efficiency or capacity. Another common benefit is increased distribution capabilities, as a merger or acquisition typically expands a company’s geographic reach, network, or service territory. Reducing staff redundancy can also help to reduce labour expenditures. Not to mention, a firm can benefit from increased labour talent by expanding the labour pool from which it can draw. It is recommended to engage best m&a law firm in India to handle your India related merger or acquisition in order to ensure efficiency and accuracy. 

Why are confidentiality agreements important?

To be successful, the seller must continue to earn revenue and maintain regular operations during the duration of the transaction. In the meantime, if your competitors discover that your business is up for sale, they will surely use this information against you, and your customers may discontinue doing business with you. When employees learn of a potential sale too early, they usually begin seeking for new employees to protect themselves. Confidentiality agreements defend the transaction and your company’s reputation. Since these agreements are vital to a business, it is recommended to work with best M&A law firm in India for such agreements.

Why is King Stubb & Kasiva one of the best M&A law firm in India?

The firm has developed a unique service delivery model, that enables us to serve client requirements across 900+ locations in the country. This ability, combined with the competency of the lawyers in the firm, has enabled us, to garner several marquee clients, over the years. King Stubb & Kasiva’s lawyers have an extensive understanding of the issues, that involve corporate affairs, information technology, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, cyber security, data privacy, encryption, dispute resolution, arbitration and other related matters. Being amongst the Best M&A law firm in India, we have grown exponentially to be one of the top and fastest-growing law firms in India, which advises several clients, from domestic as well as international markets.