IREDA Takes A Leap Towards Transparency: Unveils CSR Portal

Posted On - 18 November, 2023 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva


In a significant move aimed at boosting transparency and accountability in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) introduced its much-anticipated CSR portal[1]. This game-changing platform reflects IREDA’s dedication to social welfare and sustainable development, marking a pivotal moment in championing ethics and efficiency.

Key Points:

1. Unveiling the CSR Portal:

IREDA[2], a distinguished Mini Ratna (Category – I) enterprise operating under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, unveiled the CSR portal[3] during the closing ceremony of “Vigilance Awareness Week 2023.” The event, held at the heart of IREDA’s operations in Delhi, was launched by Dr. Praveen Kumari Singh, Additional Secretary at the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)[4].

2. Features and User-Friendly Access:

Crafted with care by IREDA’s IT team, the portal ( promises 24/7 accessibility. It acts as a centralized hub for managing CSR requests from various organizations and institutions. The portal’s easy-to-navigate interface incorporates a comprehensive CSR policy and a proposal checklist, simplifying the examination process for incoming CSR requests.

3. Ceremony Highlights:

Dr. Praveen Kumari Singh commended IREDA for its vital role in driving Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the fight against climate change. She applauded the organization’s forward-thinking initiatives, including the establishment of the Whistle Blower Portal in 2021[5], which positioned IREDA as a trailblazer in providing such a critical online platform.

4. Emphasis on Transparency and Ethics:

Shri Pradip Kumar Das, Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of IREDA, underscored the organization’s steadfast commitment to advancing renewable energy and CSR. He also noted that the portal exemplifies IREDA’s dedication to a paperless approach, ensuring the swift execution of social welfare initiatives.

5. Vigilance Awareness Week 2023:

The launch was seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the “Vigilance Awareness Week 2023.” A week-long event, spanning from October 30th to November 5th, 2023, saw IREDA organize various competitions. The closing ceremony celebrated the winners, fostering a sense of healthy competition and reinforcing the importance of vigilance and integrity within organizations.


IREDA’s CSR portal initiative aligns seamlessly with the organization’s broader mission of contributing to sustainable development and combating climate change. The launch of the portal during Vigilance Awareness Week stands as a testament to IREDA’s commitment to fostering a culture of transparency, integrity, and social responsibility within its operations.