Lacklustre Allocation For 5G Tech In The Interim Budget

Posted On - 28 February, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

 -FEBRUARY 01, 2024; The Government of India (‘GOI’) has allocated INR 2.92 Crores to develop and establish a 5G connectivity test bed in the interim budget amidst the upcoming general elections.

This development comes almost simultaneous to the Indian Army announcing the development of military-grade 5G and 6G telecom applications to address future warfare requirements and develop critical technologies which include AI-enabled decision-making tools and predictive analytics, to enhance intelligence and operational efficacy.

These are being developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (‘MeitY’). The Army has also established 5G labs and the Military College of Telecommunication Engineering in Madhya Pradesh is slated to become a 6G testbed.