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The New “Meta” Privacy Policy

By - Sonali Sylvia on June 30, 2022

Meta Privacy Policy Analysis

The multinational technology conglomerate Meta Platforms, Inc., formerly known as Facebook, Inc., recently announced details about its newly updated Privacy Policy, previously known as the “Data Policy”.

The updated policy is set to be introduced from July 26th 2022 onwards. Its implementation is sought to apply only to select Meta products such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and seeks to exclude its other products such as Whatsapp, Workplace, Freebasics, and Messenger kids from its new privacy policy.

What’s New?

Meta has emphasised that its purpose behind updating its new policy is not necessarily to introduce any new ways of collecting and data-sharing but instead to focus more on communicating to its users more clearly about Meta’s data protection and the choices available to its users, as opposed to its older policy. The new policy outlines more clearly the way that Meta processes the information it collects, including the way it collects location-related information such as internet protocol addresses, check-in locations and other such information. It is also set to provide more data control to its users on how data and information shared is used by the company. It provides access controls to its users through which they may manage their privacy settings at any time and also be informed regularly about any changes Meta would bring about as to how it will collect, use and share its user's data. For instance, it would effectually provide users with access controls that enable them to control the nature of advertisements they get to view and choose those that coincide with their interests. The policy shall include details about the types of third parties that the company will share such information. It aims to achieve clarity through simpler language, additional details and easy-to-understand examples.

It is interesting to note that while the newly updated privacy policy of Meta applies to most countries, a few select countries have been excluded from the list of countries. This includes India.

What Does This Mean For India?

Meta has confirmed that certain countries, including India, may decide to either accept the update or choose to continue using its products with the old data policy. For such countries, this updated policy is shared merely on an informational basis. In a way, such listed countries have an option where they aren't necessarily bound by the privacy policy of the company which can be inferred to be a direct causal consequence of stringent privacy policies of these regions.

In conclusion, the new policy could be considered a step closer to private data protection by ensuring that users are well aware and informed about the manner in which data shared is collected and used. The aim appears to be a move towards a more clearly laid out policy and transparency which can only be viewed as a positive step towards building stronger privacy rules and transforming these platforms into a safe space.  

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