Meiron B. Damania



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Professional Summary:

Meiron primarily focuses on Commercial and Corporate Litigation, White Collar Crimes, Corporate Advisory, and Alternate Dispute Resolution. His area of expertise lies in complex litigation, property disputes, corporate agreements and SEBI Regulation-related advisories and disputes.

Representative Clients:

Some of the clients Meiron currently advises include Allana Group, Strides, Xylem, Siemens, Cummins etc.

Indicative Experience:


  • His litigation experience reflects a comprehensive skill set. He has adeptly assisted in drafting a wide array of legal documents, including civil appeals, special leave petitions, replies, rejoinders, written submissions, and miscellaneous applications, presenting cases before significant judicial bodies such as the Supreme Court of India, Bombay High Court, National Company Law Appellate Tribunal, and the Securities Appellate Tribunal. His proficiency in challenging orders from the Securities Appellate Tribunal and the Bombay High Court is evident, with a focus on disputes involving prominent companies. In addition, he has previously served as a representative counsel for prominent industrial families in handling family disputes.
  • Successfully represented Clients in complex litigation, including civil appeals, special leave petitions, and disputes before various Indian courts.
  • Experienced at handling matters related to Section 138 under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.
  • Effectively managed property disputes, drafting declaratory suits, replies, and ancillary pleadings for submission to higher courts.
  • Proficiently drafted and reviewed corporate agreements, such as business transfer agreements, service agreements, etc.
  • Advised corporates on SEBI Regulation-related compliances and resolved associated disputes.
  • Assisted in drafting joint venture agreements and deeds of assignment between Indian and Bhutanese parties.
  • Managed business transfer agreements and corporate restructuring, facilitating the smooth transition of business operations.
  • Conducted legal research and provided advisory services on corporate matters and compliance issues.
  • Played a key role in facilitating estate planning for prominent Indian families engaged in the business of manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, boilers, etc.

Corporate & Commercial

  • He has experience in drafting and reviewing corporate agreements, encompassing business transfer agreements and service agreements, etc. His expertise also includes providing corporate advisory services, with a focus on advisories related to SEBI regulations, ensuring legal compliance and sound corporate governance.

Experience in Testamentary and Estate Planning:

  • His experience in estate planning and wills primarily focus on drafting wills and trust deeds. His involvement in estate planning ensures a smooth transition of assets and businesses, facilitating clients’ peace of mind in preserving their legacies for the future.
  • He also possesses considerable expertise in providing legal assistance for High Net worth Individuals and has played a key role in facilitating estate planning for a prominent Indian family engaged in vaccine manufacturing.

Indicative Experience

Meiron B. Damania