September 8, 2020
Alternate Modes Of Service For A Demand Notice Against A Dishonoured Cheque

Demand Notice For Dishonoured Cheques: All the Valid Modes of Service While COVID-19 rages and ravages in the outdoors, there is also a great deal of turbulence indoors with the restricted functioning of courts, a necessary evil in such tumultuous times. However, to mitigate the adverse effects of the closure of courts, the Hon’ble Supreme […]

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June 10, 2020
Visakhapatnam Gas Leak Debacle: A Rejuvenation Of ‘No-Fault Liability’ Conundrum

The Principle of Strict Liability in Visakhapatnam Gas Leaks When the whole world was suffering from an unprecedented outbreak of the novel Corona Virus, the city of destiny ‘Visakhapatnam’ was about to face something more lethal and catastrophic. On 7th May 2020, a major leakage of Styrene gas was reported from the plastics-manufacturing plant ‘LG […]

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May 20, 2020
New Horizons for the Life Insurance Industry after COVID-19

The spread of Covid-19 has affected all industries worldwide and the insurance industry is no exception. Long-standing industries with established practices are having to revisit age-old models of operation to meet growing uncertainties in this ‘New Normal’. Insurance companies particularly those dealing in life insurance and health insurance are bearing the brunt of these uncertain […]

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March 27, 2020
Impact of Covid-19 on Arbitration Proceedings in India

Impact of COVID 19 Outbreak on Arbitration Proceedings The world is reeling under the impact of Covid-19, a global pandemic that has caused lockdowns in many countries. With the outbreak showing no signs of abating, the worldwide disruption in all facets of life seems set to continue. The legal system of India is no exception […]

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May 21, 2019
Relevance of Uberrimae Fidei in Life Insurance in the present day

Uberrimae Fidei refers to a Latin phrase meaning “utmost good faith” and is the cornerstone of insurance contracts. The doctrine of uberrimae fidei is applicable equally on the insurer as well as the insured and requires the declaration of all facts material to the insurance contract by all the parties to the contract. Uberrimae Fidei […]

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