Suma RV Highlights Key Reforms in Financial Express: New Labour Codes to Enhance Social Security for Gig and Unorganised Workers

Posted On - 27 May, 2024 • By - King Stubb & Kasiva

The latest article in Financial Express highlights the urgent need to enhance labour efficiency as a fundamental driver of economic growth in India. With the country’s diverse labour market and extensive industrial landscape, the implementation of new labour codes marks a significant milestone in addressing the challenges faced by gig workers, home-based workers, and those in the unorganised sector.

Suma R V emphasized the importance of these new regulations: “Considering India’s diverse labour market and industrial scenario, the implementation of new labour codes will be a significant move as it will specifically bring in gig workers, home-based workers, and unorganised workers within the ambit of social security schemes.”

The new labour codes are designed to make it easier to do business and improve working conditions across various sectors. However, as Suma pointed out, the real impact will be seen only through diligent enforcement: “While the laws and policies are framed for ease of doing business and to improve the working conditions of the workforce in various sectors, strict implementation of the same at the ground level is very much needed, both in the public and private sectors.”

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