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Financial Services law firm in India

India has a broad financial industry that is rapidly growing due to both the development of already-existing financial services companies and the entry of new players. Commercial banks, insurance firms, non-banking financial institutions, co-ops, pension funds, mutual funds, and other smaller financial organisations make up the sector. The banking regulator has permitted the creation of new organisations, such as payment banks, expanding the variety of organisations functioning in the market. Further, India’s economy is currently among the most dynamic in the world because of its thriving banking and insurance industries.

The insurance industry has responded favourably to the loosening of foreign investment regulations, with several corporations declaring plans to raise their interests in joint ventures with Indian firms. Several joint venture agreements between major international insurance companies and regional firms may be struck throughout the ensuing quarters. By 2028, India is expected to be the fourth-largest global private wealth sector.

Our Services

Financial sector is the backbone of India. A lot of developments keep taking place on a regular basis, to improve the working mechanism of this sector, which will make the country a global leader. At KSK, our dedicated team has been routinely assisting the clients with the following broad services:

  1. Assistance in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  2. Structuring and documentation of project finance deals
  3. Assistance in real estate financing
  4. Drafting term sheets and transactional documents
  5. Advising on the regulatory framework
  6. Assistance in debt and capital markets
  7. Advisory in setting up an NBFC
  8. Advisory in deals related to green bonds and carbon credit

Key Highlights

  • Expertise in Bankruptcy and Insolvency Proceedings: Our dedicated team provides comprehensive assistance in navigating bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, ensuring clients are well-guided through the legal intricacies of financial distress situations.
  • Specialized Structuring and Documentation of Project Finance Deals: KSK excels in structuring and meticulously documenting project finance deals, contributing to the success of various financial initiatives. Our in-depth understanding of the industry facilitates seamless execution of projects.
  • Comprehensive Assistance in Real Estate Financing: We offer valuable support in real estate financing, addressing legal complexities associated with property transactions. Our team ensures that clients’ financial interests are safeguarded throughout the real estate financing process.
  • Proficient Drafting of Term Sheets and Transactional Documents: KSK’s expertise extends to drafting of term sheets and transactional documents, ensuring clarity, precision, and legal compliance in every financial deal.

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How can KSK assist in mitigating risks associated with debt and capital market transactions?

KSK offers specialized expertise in debt and capital markets, assisting clients in identifying and mitigating risks associated with financial transactions. Our team ensures that clients make informed decisions in the dynamic financial market environment.

What role does KSK play in supporting clients through bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings?

We provide comprehensive assistance, from initial assessments to legal strategies, helping clients navigate financial distress situations effectively.

Can you provide insights into the regulatory considerations for setting up a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) in India?

KSK offers advisory services on the regulatory requirements for establishing an NBFC in India. We guide clients through the intricate regulatory processes, ensuring compliance with the necessary legal frameworks.

What role does financial legal services play in ensuring cybersecurity for organizations in India?

Cybersecurity is a critical concern for businesses. Legal services in this domain include advising on data protection laws, ensuring compliance, and developing strategies to safeguard financial institutions from cyber threats.

Does The Reserve Bank Oversee Every Financial Institution?

Not at all. Although NBFCs, Housing Finance Companies, Merchant Banking Companies, Stock Exchanges, Companies Engaged in the Business of Stock-Broking/Sub-Broking, Venture Capital Fund Companies, Nidhi Companies, Insurance Companies, and Chit Fund Companies are exempt from the requirement of registration under Section 45-IA of the RBI Act, 1934 subject to certain conditions, they are not required to register.

National Housing Bank regulates housing finance firms, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) regulates merchant bankers, venture capital fund companies, stock exchanges, stock brokers, and sub-brokers, and Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority regulates insurance companies. Similar to how Nidhi Companies are governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Government of India, and Chit Fund Companies are, and so too, are the respective State Governments. To prevent duality of regulation, the Reserve Bank specifically exempts companies that do financial operations but are also subject to the jurisdiction of other authorities from its regulatory obligations.