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UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited vs. Extra Tech World and ors.

By - King Stubb & Kasiva on February 23, 2024


In a significant legal development at the Bombay High Court, UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (the "Plaintiff") has brought forth a Commercial Intellectual Property Rights Suit against Extra Tech World and some other entities (the "Defendants"). The lawsuit revolves around allegations of copyright infringement and passing off pertaining to crucial marks associated with PAN-related services. Seeking to safeguard its intellectual property, the Plaintiff has urgently requested ad-interim orders to halt the unauthorized usage of its marks and labels, citing potential risks to national interests.


  1. Whether the Defendants are infringing the Plaintiff’s copyrights and passing off its marks, leading to potential harm to national interests?
  2. Whether urgent ad-interim orders are warranted to prevent irreparable damage and safeguard the Plaintiff’s intellectual property rights?

Summary of Arguments

  • The Plaintiff asserted that they have exclusive rights to marks and labels integral to PAN-related services and emphasized their extensive advertising and investments to establish distinctiveness.
  • Therefore, in this matter, Defendants were accused of deliberate infringement, engaging in misleading online activities, and issuing unauthorized PAN cards, posing a severe threat to the Plaintiff’s reputation and national interests.
  • Thus, the Plaintiffs sought urgent ad-interim orders due to the pervasive and constantly evolving nature of online fraudulent activities, which would make it challenging to identify and restrain all defendants promptly.
  • Plaintiff contended that unauthorized use of its intellectual property not only results in monetary loss but also undermines the integrity of crucial financial transactions and the national PAN system.

Court’s Analysis and Findings

  • The Court acknowledged the significance of the PAN system and the potential harm posed by the unauthorized use of marks and labels.
  • The Plaintiff’s extensive use and investments in promoting its marks and labels strengthened its claim to statutory and common law rights.
  • The Court found merit in the Plaintiff’s arguments and duly considered the urgency and difficulty in tracking all Defendants.
  • Ad-interim ex-parte orders were granted by Court, which restrait the Defendants from infringing Plaintiff’s IP, passing off, and directed removal of unauthorized material from domains/websites.
  • Registrars were directed to assist in enforcing the orders and removing offending material.


The Court’s decisive action through ad-interim relief underscores the gravity of the allegations and the recognition of potential harm to both Plaintiff’s intellectual property rights and national interests. This proactive stance not only safeguards the Plaintiff’s reputation but also addresses the broader threat to the integrity of financial systems. Looking forward, the Court’s empowerment of Registrars and acknowledgement of the national-level threat necessitate continued vigilance against evolving fraudulent activities. As the case progresses, a comprehensive resolution will not only protect the Plaintiff’s rights but also contribute to fortifying the robustness of intellectual property safeguards in the digital age.

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